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Kukrail Picnic Spot in Lucknow is situated near Indiar Nagar/Khurram Nagar at a distance of about 9 kms. away from the centre of the city. A nice place for holidays and for picnic. You may like to spend the whole day with your family, friends and children. Basically, it is Kukrail Reserve Forest and a Gharial rehabilitation Centre. The Ghariyal and Crocodile Rehabilitation Center was developed during the year 1978 and was generously funded by the Uttar Pradesh forest department. The need for conservation of crocodiles was felt owing to the fast decreasing number of Ghariyals in India at that time. This Crocodile Sanctuary and breeding centre is perhaps one of the most renowned centres in India.

Kukrail Picnic Spot is quite natural forest and sanctuary. You may see a number of species of deer particularly, sambar, and black-brown spotted deer. A large number of birds and other avian species can be observed roaming in the natural surroundings of the forest. Two cafĂ© restaurants, rest places,children’s parks with a number of swings and boating in the natural Kukrail river are some of the recreational facilities which become excellent pastimes during our visit to Kukrail. 

A visit to Kukrail forests in Lucknow, takes one's mind off more routine or boring life. It is somewhat a very beautiful, most appreciated picnic spot in Lucknow. It offers you the natural beauty of lush green grass grounds in addition to a good number of swings (jhoolas) for children. You may also carry with you badminton, flying disks, balls to enjoy your time on the vast spread green grounds of the Picnic spot.Today Kukrail is perhaps the most beautiful place in Lucknow. Daily hundres of picnickers, morning walkers and love couples visit Kukrail to enjoy the peace and greenery of about 5000 acres of dark and deep woods of Lucknow.
Parking Rates in Kukrail Picnic Spot, Lucknow updated: November 2010
Name of the Vehicle :
Car Rs.25/-
Motor Cycle/Scooter : Rs.10/-
Cycle/Rickshaw : Rs.3/-
Bus : Rs.100/-
Mini Bus : Rs. 50/-
Kukrail Picnic Spot Helplines: (Help in respect of Parking)
9453008075, 9453008083,9453008071,9453008078

Crocodile Rehabilitation Centre
Visiting time : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Ghariyal Rehabilitation Centre - The Forest Department of UP, India, launched a brave drive to save the ghariyals which were being killed for their skins.A compaign was launched as "TheGhariyals are our Friends" by the government and for this purpose Ghariyal Rehabilitation Centre was established in Kukrail Reserve Forest in Lucknow. You can view here different ponds, sections where ghariyals, crocodiles are raised from eggs to adult size.

Welcome to Kukrail Picnic Spot and Ghariyal (Crocodile) Rehabilitation Centre in Lucknow, India

Kukrail Nursery and Leopard Rescue Centre:

The state forest department has also developed an area in the forest where plant species are developed that are on the decline in the state. This step will definitely improve the plants’ genes, which would further improve their quality and population. This is being done after planting saplings of endangered species like Indopiptadenia Oudhensis Haathipehl or Genti, etc. In addition a ' Leopard Rescue Centre' is also coming up at Kukrail and a piece of land has already been identified by the Forest Department with coordination from zoo administration. The Centre will house leopards caught from areas that see marked-man-animal confilct. The above two developments make the Picnic spot more interesting and famous.

Boating : The other most entertaining idea is boating in the kukrail river that flowers between the natural Kukrail forest. The charges are nominal Rs.10/- for a seat. Boars are paddle-driven and if needed a support boy rides with you in the boat.

Canteen & Refreshment : Two canteens are there where you can have cold drinks, coffey, tea and light refreshments. Some Ice creem valas and balloon sellers are also seen selling these items to children. Drinking water taps can been seen but it is always advisable to take your own fresh water. It is also advisable to carry cooked food with you.

Entry Fee: An entrance fee of Rs.10/- for cars and Rs.5/- for two whealers is to be paid at entrance gate as "Road Pass" and a receipt is provided. There is also a small museum inside. Museum is closed on Monday or at the time power is off.

Cares: Cooking food is not allowed in the forest. At some place, kukrail river is deep and hence one should avoid going too near to it. Of late, some restrictions have been imposed on playing cricket or football inside the Picnic spot. The Picnic Spot is not directly connected with any type of public conveyance so it will be better to go with your own conveyance or hired conveyance so that you may return at your place. It is recommended, though not necessary to visit in a large group so as to enjoy the maximum in this lush green forest.

Timings : From Sun rise to sun set. 
Timings for Museum : Please see above

How to reach : There are two main road that take you to the Picnic spot. The first one is from Munshi Pulia in Indira Nagar and the second one is from Khurram Nagar crossing. If you are coming from Alambagh, Kanpur Road, Charbagh, Gomti Nagar, Hazratganj, you may reach Munshi Pulia and after crossing Raheem Nagar, you will reach to the main gate of the Picnic spot. If you are coming from West direction ie from Ashok Marg, Chowk, Maha Nagar, Aliganj, Vikas Nagar or Sitapur Road, you may reach Khurram Nagar crossing and thereafter reach to main gate. After about 500 metres, you will see a division of the road go straight as the road to right had goes to Guddamba. Again you will see a division. For picnic spot take right had turn and go straight. At left hand a small piece of forest has also been devloped as Phase2 but that is rarely visited. Please note public conveyance is not available. hence you will have to make your own arrangements upto Munshipulia or Khurram Nagar crossing where auto rickshaw, buses, etc. can be hired.

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Cares to be taken at Picnic Spot:

Kukrail Picnic Spot, Lucknow


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